Create Ubuntu base NFS Server for ESXi

I would have liked to try how can create NFS server to ESXi environment. I will check which solutions is a better, the iSCSI or NFS in same environment.
I found a good video on internet. When i follow this steps below, it works fine.

Ps.: don’t forget add “/” sign before you type the Folder name on ESXi Add Storage window! 🙂

Moving a managed ESXi/ESX host from one vCenter Server to another vCenter Server

In our environment, we have 3 datacenters. The legacy consist of IBM blade servers with virtual vCenter, and the new consist of Cisco UCS blade servers, with other vCenter. This is virtual same. We guessed that insert IBM servers into vCenter of Cisco servers. I found a vmware KB articel. This is very easy procedure, if they aren’t use vDS.